About Fara sepehr Iranian Aviation Training Center ATO:

It’s one of biggest pilot training centers in I.R of Iran witch is held its approvals according to EASA regulation from IRI.CAO since late 2016 and approval number 96-02 as it’s and also we held Continue Air worthiness Maintenance Organization (CAMO) and Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) which is mainly  unique in its category in Iran.

Our Fleets:

We use aircraft named Blue Bird Pica 1 (ICAO Code D139) in early stages of training which have 2 seat, low wing, single piston engine and fixed landing gear by category of VLA (750Kg MTOW) and also aircraft Tecnam P2006T (ICAO Code P06T) for professional stages which have 4 seat, multi piston engine with retractable landing gear in Light weight category (1230Kg MTOW).

Why Pica 1 Aircraft?

Pica 1 is a two seat, side by side, low wing aircraft with full composite structure. It has one of the best cockpit design, layout and space among the aircraft of this class.

Pica 1 is powered by Rotax 914 F3 Turbo Charge engine with a 3blade constant speed propeller.

This aircraft is designed base on CS-VLA regulation which allows this aircraft to take more structural load on maneuvers and landing for pilot training.

Why Tecnam P2006T?

The Tecnam P2006T Twin has established itself as the aircraft of choice for not only the world’s most reputable Flight Training Organizations but private owners alike. A firm favorite with leading General Aviation fight-test journalists who praise its styling, handling and very low operating costs.

Our Bases:

For theoretical training we have some good bases in big and main city’s such as Mashhad, Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and best one for foreign is Kish Island witch is so beautiful and dreamy island with perfect weather.

Why Bojnurd Airport?

(IATA: BJB, ICAO: OIMN) is an airport serving Bojnord also spelled Bojnourd or Bojnurd), the capital city of the North Khorasan province in Iran.

The airport resides at an elevation of 3,499 feet (1,066 m) above mean sea level. It has one runway designated 07/25 with an asphalt surface measuring 4,420 by 45 metres (14,501 ft × ۱۴۸ ft) Bojnord Airport has ILS (Instrument landing system) and DVOR/NDB navigation system and with tanks to clear and low traffic environment it’s the best choice for practical and flight training.


Thanks to professional aviator’s team, now we can say that able to teach, fly and maintain our airplane as well as its 1st day of fly by using professional maintenance’s in CAMO and AMO section and professional pilots and theoretical instructors so the result is obvious. Nothing else that highly trained and professional pilots that can hit all airline interviews in 1st try.

What we can do more there?

We can establish perfect aviation training center in Oman by meet EASA regulations with maintenance organization which is eliminate the needs of using foreign country’s maintenance’s and personals and perfect simulator training center that mainly use in airlines such as Boeing 737 in both classic and new generations models and also Airbus 320’s family.

And at the end VIP-Air-taxi company in Oman country by using perfect fleets of aircraft’s.

download document for more detail’s .